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Booking Process 

Your Surgeon’s rooms will provide you with our Pre-admission information pack containing three brochures (A Guide for Patients, Privacy Guide for Patients & What to Bring to the Surgicentre on the Day of your Surgery) all three are also accessible at the bottom of this page. 
Your surgeon will also provide you with a  Patient Admission Form at the time of your consultation.

The Patient Admission Form includes:

  • Patient Information - page 1 & 2
  • Consent Form - page 3    (this page must be completed by the surgeon)                  
  • Health Questionnaire - page 4

Please take the information pack home and read it carefully, following the simple set of instructions. Once completed, please post the admission / consent form to the following address:

Murdoch Surgicentre
100 Murdoch Drive
Murdoch WA 6150

Should your admission date not allow enough time for us to receive this information via post, please ensure you either scan and email it to or fax it to us on (08)9438 9991 and/or hand deliver the completed form to reception staff on arrival to the facility. Please ensure you bring the original form on the day of your operation.

Please note it is very important that we receive this information promptly. This allows us time to check your eligibility from your health fund and assess your needs prior to the procedure.

Interpreter Service

An interpreter service is available. Please inform the Murdoch Surgicentre should you require this service at least 48hours prior to your admission.

Preadmission Phone Call
For patients under going general anaesthetic and sedation procedures, the Preadmission Nurse will make every effort to contact you at home or at your work place prior to your admission.  Please note some surgeons have requested that their patients do not undergo a preadmission interview. Pre admission phone calls are generally conducted the day prior to surgery.

The aim of this service

To improve patient satisfaction by preparing, educating and assessing patients for their surgery in a relaxed and timely manner.
To commence discharge planning and discuss any after care if required.
To alleviate any fears and concerns you might have.

Information discussed includes:
Medical history, allergies & medications.

  • Fasting - unless otherwise instructed do not eat or drink anything (including sweets, chewing gum and water) for six hours prior to your admission. Cease smoking 24 hours prior to your procedure.
  • What to bring with you on the day including x-rays, pathology results, list of current medications, doctors letters and your Medicare card.
  • Admission time and approximate discharge time.
  • Arrangements for transport home and for a carer for the first 24hrs post procedure. (If you are a patient from the country it is necessary to have accommodation in Perth for at least 24 hrs). 
  • Due to limited space it is important that your transport person / carer picks you up at the time given by the Discharge Nurse making the telephone call / contact.  
  • How to find the facility and parking.  
  • Advice about not being able to work for 2-3 days and or medical certificate requirements  
  • Confirmation of your Anaesthetist. 
  • Showering before admission.  
  • Leaving valuables at home and not wearing make-up, nail polish or jewellery.  
  • Wearing comfortable clothing for discharge.  
  • Bringing a magazine, book or Ipod.  
  • Children can bring in a favourite toy and pyjamas.  
  • An explanation of the day ie:
    • Your approximate time in theatre
    • 1st stage recovery – monitoring for approx 1 hr
    • 2nd stage recovery – light refreshments approx 1 hr
    • Pain score system
    • Nausea score system  
    • You may need ice packs
    • Discharge drugs and who is to collect the medications
    • Discharge when criteria met
    • Post operative information
    • Approximate discharge time and transport arrangements
    • 23 hour patients will be given all necessary information regarding their stay and the requirement to be discharged home under 23 hours from admission

This service also provides you with an opportunity to ask any questions you might have with regards to your stay at the Murdoch Surgicentre.

Day of Admission
On the day of admission, please bring the following:

  • Medicare Card and any excess payments
  • All forms, letters and requests from your Doctor
  • Any usual medication if you are required to take it during your stay e.g. Ventolin Inhaler, Insulin 
  • Relevant X-rays, MRI Scans and CAT Scans
  • Please arrive at your appointed time. On arrival you will be greeted by reception staff, who will complete your clerical admission
  • A nurse will then complete your clinical admission and answer any further questions you might have. Once this is completed, you will be asked to change into a theatre gown and robe. Every effort will be made to ensure your dignity, warmth and comfort are maintained.  Placing all of your possessions into a basket. A small secured locker is available for valuables. An anaesthetist will meet with you for your pre-operative assessment. You will then be escorted to theatre by an Anaesthetic Nurse for your surgery. 

Every effort will be made to ensure your waiting time is kept to a minimum, however magazines, newspapers and a TV are available.

Post Procedure
Patients receiving a local anaesthetic are free to return home as soon as possible post procedure.

Pre booked patients for an overnight stay have shared accommodation and facilities. An evening meal, light breakfast and refreshments will be supplied.

Please note the 23 hour licence dictates that the length of stay from admission to discharge is less than 23 hours


Recovery 1st Stage

  • After your procedure you will be closely monitored until you are fully recovered
  • The recovery time is dependant on your procedure and your recovery
  • Once your observations are stable and you are alert you will be transferred to 2nd stage recovery

Recovery 2nd Stage

  • You will complete your recovery in the comfort of a recliner rocker
  • Light refreshments will be offered
  • The recovery nurse will ring your escort and inform them of a discharge time
  • Due to limited setting in this area it is essential that your escort arrives to take you home at the time advised by the Recovery Nurse
  • Your escort may need to pick up discharge medications from the pharmacy situated in the medical centre.  Please provide them with enough funds to cover the cost of the mediations 
  • Your escort person will be directed by the nurse as to where to park prior to your discharge


  • A discharge nurse will go through the discharge information specific to your procedure with you and your carer.  You are both free to ask any questions

Follow-up Phone Call

  • The day following your procedure or next business working day you will receive a phone call from a nurse to discuss your ongoing recovery and any concerns
  • If we are unable to contact you the nurse will leave a message and ask you to call back if you have any problems

General Anaesthetics and Sedation
It is essential that you arrange for someone to drive you home and to remain with you for the first 24hrs post procedure. DO NOT DRIVE FOR 24HRS.

Local Anaesthetics
We do recommend that you have someone drive you home if at all possible.

At Home
In most cases you will be given a follow-up call within 24hrs or next business working day.


Patient information leaflets and brochures:                  

Guide for Patients
Privacy Guide for Patients
What to Bring on the Day of Your Surgery
Discharge Advice for Local-General Anaesthetic
Discharge Advice - Upper Limb Surgery
Arthroscopy Information Sheet
Carpal Tunnel Information Sheet

Maximising Your Recovery

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